‘Lee Jong-beom and Choi Hee-seop juniors’ Gwangju Chungjang Middle School baseball team won a bronze medal in the U-15 competition

Gwangju Chungjang Middle School Baseball Club (hereinafter referred to as Chungjang BC) won a bronze medal at the U-15 National Youth Baseball Tournament held at Kia Hyundai Chagijang Baseball Park in Busan.

Chungjang BC advanced to the semifinals with four consecutive wins over Jeonbuk Ipyeong Middle School 13:8 in the preliminaries먹튀검증, Daejeon Budnae Middle School 8:3, Gyeongnam Naedong Middle School 5:1, and Daegu Gyeongun Middle School 6:2 in the quarterfinals.

In the semifinals held on the 25th, Chungjang BC faced Gyeonggi Bucheon Middle School and unfortunately lost 5:4, taking third place in the national competition.

Na Gil-nam, coach of Chungjang BC, said, “I am proud of the players who have made their status known to the whole country as representatives of Gwangju,” and added, “The third-year players, whose last competition is this year, will have a lot of regrets, but I believe they will do even better when they enter high school.” .

Chungjang BC is achieving excellent results in various competitions, including runner-up in the 2022 National Boys Sports Festival and victory in the 2023 National Education Cup and Dongwoo Association Long-term Baseball Competition. It is a renowned baseball family that has produced leading talents in Korean professional baseball, such as Lee Jong-beom, Kim Ki-tae, Choi Hee-seop, and Lee Ui-ri.






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