Park Geun-hye: “Impeachment, my impeachment… “Worried about the Moon government, relieved by the change of government”

“Once again, I would like to express my sincere apologies for not being able to fully monitor my surroundings and for not being able to carry out the duties entrusted to me, and for causing many disappointments and concerns.”

Former President Park Geun-hye opened up about her feelings regarding her own impeachment. This is from an interview with the JoongAng Ilbo published on the 26th. In an interview conducted on the 11th, he expressed his position on her achievements while in office and her life in prison.

Former President Park said of Choi Seo-won (formerly Choi Soon-sil), who was called a secret power, the exploitation of private interests and manipulation of state affairs, “I was really surprised to hear about it during the prosecution investigation,” and added, “But all of this is my fault for failing to properly manage my surroundings, so I will tell the people.” “I sincerely apologize,” he said.

However, she maintained her position that she was not aware of Choi’s misdeeds. Former President Park said, “Before he became president, Director Choi (Mr. Choi) had never used me for personal gain or intervened in his interests, so I thought of him as someone who helped me selflessly,” adding, “As a result, Director Choi “If I was trying to make personal profit through this K-Sports Foundation, it is my fault for not knowing about it, and I think it is my fault for misreading people,” he said.

Regarding his 1,737 days in prison, he said, “I was able to endure the difficult imprisonment because I was proud of myself.” However, he confessed, “I had pain all over my body to the point where I was afraid of the night coming,” and “there were many times when I couldn’t sleep for even an hour because of the pain that felt like I was being cut with a knife or burned with fire.”

Regarding the fact that when the National Assembly voted on the impeachment bill, some pro-Park lawmakers also voted in favor and passed it (234 for the House, 56 for the Vice, 2 abstentions, 7 invalid, and Choi Kyung-hwan did not vote), “There were some so-called ‘pro-Park’ lawmakers who supported the impeachment . . “Most of the lawmakers have never asked me how I am during my long imprisonment,” he said. “ After hearing that a lawmaker who was a friend of my younger brother ( EG Chairman Park Ji-man) and a lawmaker who was the floor leader supported the impeachment, I learned a lot about trust in people and people.” “It got me thinking,” he confessed.

Regarding his feelings about watching the birth of the Moon Jae-in administration while imprisoned, he said, “I was very confused when I heard the news about the presidential election,” and “After the Moon Jae-in administration came into power, I heard about the way to respond to North Korea’s nuclear program and the disharmony with allies, and I was concerned about national security. “I was worried about many things, including this,” he said.

Regarding the change of government by becoming a conservative presidential candidate, President Yoon Seok-yeol, who was previously the head of the investigation team of the special investigation team for state affairs, said, “I was relieved that the left-wing regime was not extended and was replaced by a conservative regime,” and “Among the prosecutors who participated in the investigation team at the time, “I understand that there are several people in important positions, such as ministers, in the Yoon Seok-yeol government,” he said. Regarding the Yoon Seok-yeol government, he said, “It has been about 1 year and 4 months since the government was launched, but it feels a bit hasty to evaluate the government’s direction and policies.”

I did not agree with the assessment by some that ‘the Park Geun-hye government is a failed government.’ Former President Park said, “I accept it if they say it was a ‘personal failure’ because I did not finish my term,” but added, “If you say it is a ‘policy-failed government,’ I don’t know what policy was wrong.”

In particular, regarding major decisions in the fiel메이저사이트d of foreign affairs and security during his tenure, such as the deployment of THAAD ( Terminal High Altitude Area Defense), the comfort women agreement, and the conclusion of the Korea-Japan Military Information Security Agreement ( GSOMIA ), he said, “I did what I thought must be done for security. “It was fortunate that heaven really helped me and ended up in prison,” he said.

A clear line was drawn against rumors of pro-Park figures running for general elections next year. Former President Park said, “Personally, I have no plans for next year’s general election. “I have said several times, ‘I am not politically pro-Park,’” he said. “I cannot comment on the issue of someone who was involved in politics in the past starting politics again because it is a personal choice. However, when starting politics again, I hope that people will not say that this is to restore my (Park Geun-hye) reputation and that it is related to me. “I hope the past relationship will pass as the past,” he said.

Regarding how she will spend the rest of her life, former President Park said, “I think I have lived a public life rather than a private life, but I think that is also fate,” and “I have left the political front, but it is something that will be of some help to the country and is something I can do.” If so, I will do it. “I think that is the way to repay even a little of the love that the people have given us,” he said.






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