Headquarters neglected the ‘Burger King crisis’… “I have to pay 8.8% commission for one year”

Mr. A, who runs a Burger King store, said he was surprised when he saw the recent article on ‘Burger King gifticon hoarding.’ It was an article that said, ‘Burger King is holding a 40% discount event through KakaoTalk gifting, but some consumers are hoarding 100 gifticons and selling them at a premium.’ Mr. A especially hesitated at the point that the gift con was valid until September of next year. He said, “When the headquarters received consent for the discount event, they agreed to specify that the event period would be only one week. “There was no indication that the coupon (gifticon) was valid for one year, so I don’t know what to do since they are hoarding it.”

The headquarters of Burger King, a hamburger franchise, is holding a discount event on KakaoTalk and has not properly notified store owners of the event details, including the expiration date of the gifticon, causing complaints from store owners. As gifticon hoarding occurred during events with high discount rates and even coupon reselling became prevalent, Burger King headquarters ended the event early. Although the event ended early, most of the burden of promotional activities, such as discount event fees, was left to the store owner throughout the year.

According to what Burger King store owners across the country said on the 26th, the headquarters received consent forms from store owners prior to holding this event. The problem is that the contents of the ‘event consent form’ that the head office received from the store owner were inadequate. According to the consent form sent to the store owner, △Event name: KakaoTalk gift e-gift메이저사이트 certificate promotion △Event schedule: 7 days, September 25 (Mon) ~ October 1 (Sun), 2023 △Purpose: Utilize KakaoTalk gift channel There are only contents such as customer influx and sales increase through . There is no mention of the expiration date of KakaoTalk gift cons or the number of units issued per person.

The actual expiration date of the gifticon purchased by consumers through KakaoTalk gifting is until September 29, 2024, which is about one year. Popular items such as Whopper Sets can be purchased at a 30-40% discount, and the expiration date is long, leading to hoarding. Another store owner , Mr. huge burden because store owners have to pay 100% of the fee of 8.8% (including value-added tax). “There is a big difference from other franchises, such as Twosome Place, where the burden is split half between the store owner and the head office,” he said. Mr. C, the store owner, said, “When I complained to the head office, they claimed that they informed me of the expiration date of the gifticon. There was no such information in the consent form, so I looked it up and found that it was secretly included in the information email sent after submitting the consent form. “I can’t think of anything other than a trick,” he said.

“For the event, the name and implementation period, the store owner’s share of the costs, the store owner’s share limit, etc. must be clarified and consent must be obtained,” he said. He added, “The consent form did not provide specific information about the expiration date of the gifticon and the number of gifticons that could be issued per person, so the decision-making rights of store owners were violated.” He added, “Just looking at the hoarding incident shows that the head office’s plan for the event was poor.”

In response to this, Burger King headquarters said, “This is an event planned with the intention that many people will enjoy the benefits during the Chuseok holiday.” “The expiration date of the gifticon was notified to store owners who agreed to the event via personal email one week before the event began.” . “Even after the prior consent period, if there is a request from an affiliated store, we register it as a store excluded from the event at any time,” he explained.






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