US soldier expelled from North Korea: “I’m so happy to be returning home… I look forward to seeing my family.”

AFP reported that Private Travis King, a U.S. soldier stationed in Korea who defected to North Korea without permission last July and was deported스포츠토토 two months later, said, “I’m so happy to go home.”

A senior Biden administration official met with reporters on the 27th local time and said, “Private King is very much looking forward to meeting his family.”

Another U.S. official explained, “We will ensure that Private King resolves his medical and emotional issues and that he can be reunited with his family in a good place.”

However, it was added that Private King may be subject to disciplinary proceedings through a court-martial in the future.

Previously, North Korea’s Korean Central News Agency reported the decision to expel Private King, and U.S. White House National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan also announced that he had secured his new recruit.

In a statement released through her spokeswoman, Private King’s mother, Claudine Gates, thanked the U.S. Army and all agencies involved for their efforts in securing her son’s release.

“Private King’s family wishes to protect their privacy,” the spokeswoman said. “Gates will not be available for any future interviews.”






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