A 20-year-old who fell from a building while drunk survived thanks to the air conditioner… ‘Miracle of Chuseok’

A drunk man in his 20s fell from the roof of an officetel building in Bucheon, Gyeonggi Province, but fortunately survived when he got caught in the air conditioner cord between the buildings.

According to the Bucheon Fire Department on the 29th, a 119 call was received at approximately 2:08 a.m. that a person in his 20s, Mr. A, was hanging from an air conditioner cord on the 7th floor of a 14-story officetel building in Sangdong, Bucheon.

A passerby reported, “A person is hanging with an air conditioner cord hanging from his groin area. If he falls, it looks like he’ll be in big trouble.”

37 people, including fire and rescue workers and police먹튀검증 officers, were dispatched, and 9 vehicles, including an elevated ladder truck, were also deployed.

The fire department found Mr. A hanging from the rope of the rooftop air conditioner between buildings (7th floor high) and safely rescued him within 30 minutes using a ladder truck and rescue rope.

Person A was taken to a nearby hospital with injuries including facial bruises and lower body pain.

The police estimated that Mr. A, who was drunk, was climbing down the air conditioner pipe from the rooftop of an officetel and ended up hanging on a rope in the middle.

He is reported to have told the dispatched police officer, “I had been drinking and went up to the roof of the officetel,” and “I felt like I had to rescue someone, so I came down from the roof through the pipe.”

However, Mr. A said, “I don’t remember how he ended up hanging on the air conditioner cord.”

The fire department believes that Mr. A slipped and fell and is investigating the exact circumstances of the accident.






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