After the school violence revelations… What happened to them then?

Twin sisters Lee Jae-young and Lee Da-young were once considered icons of Korean volleyball. It was revealed that during his middle school days, he committed school violence, including assault, swearing, and extortion, against his fellow players. The sisters acknowledged the offense and apologized immediately after the incident, but later suddenly changed their attitude and sued the exposers for defamation by publishing false information. After a lengthy investigation, both the police and the prosecution finally concluded in May that “all of the women’s volleyball team players at the time denied the twin sisters’ claims and stated that the contents of the post were true,” and that “the allegations of school violence were not false.” Photo = Yonhap News

(G)I-DLE Seo Soo-jin… “Leave the team”

It was revealed that Seo Soo-jin, a member of the girl group (G)I-DLE, encouraged assault and bullying when she was in middle school. Her agency took legal action, saying it was false, but as her classmates continued to make additional revelations, it was eventually decided that Seo Soo-jin would leave the team. In addition, the defamation lawsuit filed by Seo Soo-jin against the reporter who made the suspicion was also concluded with a final not guilty verdict. Photo = Facebook capture

Soccer player Ki Sung-yong… “It’s difficult to determine the truth.”

In 2000, it was revealed that soccer player Ki Sung-yueng, who was an elementary school student at the time, had committed sexual violence. Ki Sung-Yong completely denied this and filed a lawsuit against the exposers for 메이저사이트defamation and 500 million won in damages for stating false information. As a fierce battle for the truth continued, the investigation was conducted using a lie detector, but in August, the police decided not to forward the case, saying ‘no charges due to insufficient evidence.’ Because the incident occurred 23 years ago, there is insufficient evidence to confirm whether Ki Sung-yong committed sexual violence, and therefore it is difficult to determine whether the claim is false. While no progress has been made in determining the truth, the lawsuit for damages between the two sides is scheduled to resume. Photo = Provided by the Korea Professional Football League

April Na-eun… “False disclosure due to lack of qualifications”

A post was posted saying that Lee Na-eun, a member of the girl group April (now disbanded), led the swearing and bullying when she was in elementary school. At the time, her agency sued the publisher for defamation by spreading false information, but the controversy itself led to Lee Na-eun’s advertisement being halted and her withdrawal from the drama she was filming. About a year later, the agency announced, “After a police investigation, it was confirmed that it was false, the charge of defamation was confirmed, and the publisher was sent to indictment.” However, the publisher wrote an apology acknowledging their mistake and delivered it to Na-eun Lee, who accepted it and withdrew the complaint. Photo = Reporter Hwang Jin-hwan

Actor Ji Soo… Even though “the article is not false,” it goes all the way to the end.






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