Lee Jun-seok’s disciplinary action lifted D-100… Will he run for general elections under the ‘People Power’ sign?

As of the 30th, former People Power Party leader Lee Jun-seok has 100 days left to lift the suspension of his party membership. On July 8 of last year, former leader Lee was disciplined by the People Power Party’s Central Ethics Committee, suspending his party membership for six months for allegedly destroying evidence related to allegations of sexual misconduct. On October 7 last year, the Ethics Committee extended the period of suspension of party membership by one year due to former leader Lee’s use of terms such as ‘yangduguguyuk’ to President Yoon Seok-yeol and ‘Yoon Haek-gwan (a key official on President Yoon’s side)’. Former representative Lee will restore his party membership on January 8th next year.

Former Representative Lee’s disciplinary action will be lifted three months before April 10th next year, when the 22nd general election will be held. There is a 3-day difference from January 11th of next year, which is the deadline for resignation of public officials who will run in the general election (90 days before the election). Each party is expected to begin official nomination work around this time. Mathematically, there is no problem with former Representative Lee running in the general election under the People Power Party sign. The People Power Party did not fill the position of chairman of the party council of Now Won-byeong in Seoul, where former leader Lee ran and lost in three general elections, but left it vacant, even after former leader Lee was disciplined.

However, the problem is not simple. Former CEO Lee is currently showing his will to take on his fourth challenge at Nowon Hospital. Although he is the only conservative party leader in his 30s, losing four times in a row in the general election is fatal. Former Representative Lee has experienced a decline in his public influence and interest since he was ousted from the position of party leader by Yoon Haek-gwan. There are predictions from both inside and outside the ruling party that if he stays outside the National Assembly this time, former leader Lee’s political career will virtually end.

Nowon is a place where it is not easy for a conservative party candidate to be elected. Therefore, among the people of the People Power Party who have great antipathy toward former representative Lee, there are those who paradoxically say, “There is no reason not to nominate former representative Lee Won-byeong Roh.” The argument is that former representative Lee should be allowed to disappear from the political world on his own by failing to win the seat in Nowon.

There are also suspicions that former Representative Lee, who knows better than anyone else that he is likely to be defeated in Nowon, is strongly criticizing President Yoon and the party leadership every day in order to create a justification for leaving Nowon. If they do not nominate him due to the ‘relevant act’, he will use this as an excuse to seek a new course of action.

Former Representative Lee has recently been leaving comments that could be interpreted in various ways regarding his candidacy in the general election. On the 4th of last month, former CEO Lee said on CBS Radio’s <Kim Hyun-jung’s News Show>, “If there is a clear indication of mischief (with nominations), I will not rule out the creation of a new party or running as an independent candidate.” On the 2nd, he visited the Daegu Chicken and Beer Festival and said, “When I see Yoon Haek-gwan, I get so angry that I feel the need to organize things rather than expand the conservatives. If we go to Daegu and have a fair competition, I will pick the worst person and stick with him.” On the 12th, before a lecture at Daegu University in Gyeongsan-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do, he met with reporters and said, “The basic plan is to become a member of the National Assembly in Nowon, where I was born and raised,” and added, “However, I cannot predict what the situation will be like in the토토사이트 future.” “We are not closing off any possibility because it could be perceived as a wrong signal by people trying to play pranks,” he said. Accordingly, rumors of former representative Lee running as an independent candidate in Daegu and the creation of a new party are being raised.

The former representative’s remarks are close to a preemptive defense mechanism to avoid being subjected to a ‘nomination prank’. However, in some cases, there is a possibility that ‘theory’ may become ‘reality’. Former representative Lee recently had a close relationship with Daegu Mayor Hong Jun-pyo, who is currently under 10-month suspension of party membership due to the ‘flood golf’ controversy. The two had chicken and beer together at the opening ceremony of the Daegu Chicken and Beer Festival on the 30th of last month. Former Representative Lee said, “The trajectory of a politician’s life has shown that if he only looks at the public sentiment, he will be the most trustworthy,” and Mayor Hong said, “I wonder if it is right to treat a person who was at the forefront of regime change while representing our party so poorly.” We lifted each other up. From then on, former CEO Lee continued to use TK(Daegu, Gyeongbuk) are frequently visited. There is an interpretation that former representative Lee is trying to regain his position in TK , where support for conservative parties is high. A person close to former representative Lee said, “To start a new party, it must have a regional base. “If you want to do something in the conservative camp, you have to challenge it in TK ,” he said.






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