resumes listing… What a ransom

It has been reported that , an e-commerce platform affiliated with Shinsegae Group, has decided to push for an initial public offering먹튀검증 ( IPO ) again in the spring of next year and is making related preparations.

According to the distribution industry on the 2nd, has decided to start the IPO process as early as March or April next year and is currently holding final discussions with the underwriter.

Lee In-young, CEO of , is also said to have recently visited the Korea Exchange and explained plans to re-list.

An official explained, “We are continuing preparations for listing through frequent discussions with the underwriter. However, considering the current market situation, it is difficult to specify a specific time.” An official in

the investment banking ( IB ) industry said, “It is known that is preparing for listing again with the goal of starting the process in earnest in March or April next year, looking at the recent IPO market situation.”

The market estimates the corporate value of to be around 10 trillion won . IPO like

SSG.comCompetitors such as Curly, Oasis, and 11th Street, which had been promoting but temporarily postponed the IPO due to the recession, are also paying close attention to ‘s move to resume the IPO. If ‘s IPO is successful and performs well, an atmosphere of trying another IPO may be formed among these companies.






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