For my husband’s birthday, my youngest son-in-law made seaweed soup.

A birthday table for my husband prepared by my youngest son-in-law who is good at cooking

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Today is my husband’s 86th birthday. I was born to my mother and lived for 86 years. She was sick one day, and one day she fell on a rock and needed patience to walk through the pain step by step. The river of life cannot be crossed in one go.

When I was young, I fell in love and broke up. Living wasn’t just about joy. I only found out after losing love. A person who knows how to live, sets goals, and lives steadily toward his dreams, whether it rains or snows.

And I got married at the age of thirty-two. She was a very strong and strong-willed person. Home was my husband’s place of support and dream. The daughters are born one by one, grow up, go to college, and all get married and live in their own nests. 

iced coffee! free. Now that I am living without the heavy weight of life, my heart feels like it will soar through the sky. It took so long. It’s been over 55 years and half a century since we got married.

A few days ago, during the holidays, my daughters’ families came to visit each family, like a relay, and bought them some delicious food for their birthdays. Among them, my youngest daughter and son-in-law came last and went out with their father and had a delicious dinner together.

The youngest son-in-law is a chef who takes reservations and runs a small restaurant. Someone who is better at cooking than me. Thanks to my youngest son-in-law, I eat seaweed soup on my birthday and sometimes eat unique foods.

My son-in-law, who had been to the market the스포츠토토 day before, bought a large lily. The next morning, I made seaweed soup with my husband’s favorite lily and prepared him breakfast, lit candles on the cake, and sang a congratulatory song.

A small birthday present for her husband brings a calm smile to his face.

Before blowing out the candles, she asked her husband what his wish was, and he said, “What do you wish for now? I just want my family to be healthy, respect each other, and live in harmony.” She held on to that one wish and has been the support of her family ever since. 

Now that I am older, I look at my husband with peace of mind. Having lived by my husband’s side for half a century, I also have nothing more to ask for. Getting old isn’t all bad. It’s so comfortable.

I hope to live just as I am now, no more, no less, until the end of my life. There is no use in being greedy for more. I am grateful that my husband is by my side until now.

It’s a morning that reminds me of a line from author Park Kyung-ni’s poem about being comfortable with only the things left to throw away. 






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