“Salt-free bath” vs. “No basis”… Daegu-Gumi TK new airport war of nerves intensifies

Conflicts between local governments surrounding the logistics complex behind the Daegu-Gyeongbuk integrated new airport are intensifying.

Recently, when Gumi City announced that it would build a separate logistics complex, Daegu City, concerned about disruption in the construction of the new airport, raised environmental issues at the Gumi Industrial Complex.

Reporter Yunjae Lee reports.


“I oppose, I oppose, I oppose.”

This is the voice of residents of Uiseong, Gyeongbuk, who oppose the construction of a new integrated airport in Daegu and Gyeongbuk.

This is because we judged that blocking the new airport, which had been welcomed with open arms, would not be in the public interest.

It was believed that Uiseong would not be able to take the lead in the logistics industry if Gumi City, close to the new airport, built a logistics complex and even built a highway connecting it to the airport.

[Kim Seon-dong / Uiseong Bian-myeon Migration Countermeasures Committee Chairman (22nd of last month): We are currently opposed to the airport relocation. Nothing more, nothing less. Take whatever is good for you. We are not needed.]

When faced with the reef of opposition from residents, Daegu Mayor Hong Jun-pyo pressured Gyeongsangbuk-do Governor Lee Cheol-woo to take action.

He also harshly criticized Gumi Mayor Kim Jang-ho, saying he was causing trouble for the 100-year project of Daegu and Gyeongbuk. [Ahn Jung-gon / Daegu안전놀이터 City Economic Bureau Director: If you comprehensively interpret the Industrial Location and Development Act, the Water Environment Conservation Act, and the legislative purpose of these laws, if there is a possibility of pollutants being discharged in the upstream area, consent must be obtained from the downstream area… .]

At the same time, he brought up the issue of relocating the water intake center to Gumi, which Daegu City had been promoting, and announced that he would prevent companies emitting hazardous substances from establishing in the Gumi industrial complex to protect the health rights of Daegu citizens downstream.

Gumi City refuted Daegu City’s claim as unconstitutional, saying that all companies in the local industrial complex are conducting production activities in compliance with laws and standards.

In addition, the request to install a zero-discharge system for wastewater was met with the opinion that it was ineffective due to Daegu City’s reckless stance.

[Yoo Gyeong-sook / Gumi City Economy and Industry Bureau Director: It is judged to be an unfair demand without any legal basis, and I know that it is not a mandatory clause in Daegu. We will continue to develop Daegu and Gyeongbuk by creating a business-friendly environment and creating jobs… .]

While Daegu City and Gumi City are repeating their respective claims, the hopes of local residents for the success of the new airport are cooling off.






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