They tied their arms behind their backs and dragged them away… At least dozens kidnapped in Israel

Men armed with guns remove a female hostage from the bed of a truck and force her into the back seat.

The woman, who is barefoot, has her hands tied behind her back and blood stains in several places on her body.

A video showing Hamas members taking an Israeli female hostage to the Gaza Strip was released on social media. 

Another video shows Hamas members dragging several civilians away in a vehicle.

Most of them are women, but there are also elderly people and children.

A man who identified himself as a family member  appealed for help메이저사이트 in an interview with CNN , saying that tracking his wife’s cell phone location confirmed that she was in the Gaza Strip.

[ Yoni Asher: I have a mother-in-law, a wife, and 5- and 3-year-old daughters. At 11 a.m., her wife called to say that Hamas terrorists had entered her mother-in-law’s house, and then we lost contact. ]

It is understood that at least dozens of Israeli hostages have been kidnapped by Hamas since the surprise attack by Hamas on the morning of the 7th local time.

Abu Obeida, a Hamas military spokesman, claimed that “the number of hostages, including Israeli officers, is many times higher than dozens.” The Israeli 

military also said that in addition to soldiers, many civilians were kidnapped, which constitutes a war crime.

Hamas posted on social media Videos of Israeli civilians being kidnapped are pouring in.

Foreign media outlets are reporting residents’ testimonies that assailants with guns searched house to house in villages near the border, looking for civilians.

One local media also reported that about 50 hostages were being held in a Beeri restaurant near the Gaza Strip.

Islamic Jihad, a Palestinian armed group, previously announced that it would hold Israeli hostages until Palestinian prisoners held in Israel are released.






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