Over 240 reports of ‘Suwon lease fraud’ alone… Tenants “damage exceeds 40 billion won”

Regarding the suspicion of large-scale jeonse fraud in Suwon, Gyeonggi-do, reported on the 7th, the number of reports of damage increased rapidly within a week, exceeding 240 cases.

Amid claims that the damage amounted to tens of billions of dollars, the police launched a full-scale investigation into the rental business couple and the corporation in question.

This is reporter Taewon Kim.

At the end of last month, a statement from a landlord named Jeong and his wife was posted in a group chat room where affected tenants gathered.

They explain that as jeonse prices have plummeted due to high interest rates, there is virtually no way to return the deposit.

The affected tenants are protesting, saying that Mr. and Mrs. Jeong are still not responding to calls and are only repeating ineffective solutions.

[Mr. A / Victim of Suwon rental fraud: I think this was posted to avoid police questioning later… . I haven’t been able to contact anyone since July. (The monthly renter) asked where he pays his monthly rent, and he answered that question.]

To date, the number of damage reports received at the Gyeonggi Province Rental Damage Support Center is about 240,

doubling in a week after the damage became known through media reports. It has increased beyond.

It was revealed that Mr. Jeong and his wife, who are in their 50s, operated about 10 real estate rental corporations and owned about 40 villas in Suwon and스포츠토토 Hwaseong, Gyeonggi Province.

Most of them were built between 2020 and the year before last when the real estate market was overheated, but it is known that their financial condition has recently deteriorated due to a decline in jeonse prices.

The victims’ group claims that there are about 660 affected tenant households, and that the amount of damage calculated by them amounts to 45.3 billion won.

Based on more than 60 complaints from victimized tenants, the police booked a total of five people, including Mr. Jeong, his son, and the corporation he owned, on charges of fraud.

In particular, we are banning Mr. Jeong and his wife from leaving the country in preparation for their flight and considering a mandatory investigation.

The police plan to investigate whether they intentionally deceived tenants into not returning their deposits, and will also actively engage in victim protection and support activities.

This is Taewon Kim from YTN .






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