Gimpo Gujeonghoe Basketball Class wins Suwon KT Sonic Boom Bae 3×3 Basketball Competition Elementary School Division

Gimpo Gujeonghoe Basketball Class’s dream team members performed well in the 3×3 competition. 

The Assist For Youth project is being carried out by Assist to develop Korean youth basketball starting in 2022. The elementary school players from the Gimpo Gujeonghoe Basketball Class, who are working together on this project, won the elementary school division of the Suwon KT Sonic Boom Cup 3×3 Basketball Competition. 

The Suwon KT Sonic Boom Cup 3×3 Basketball Tournament, in which 100 teams from across the country participated, was held in four categories: elementary school, middle school, high school, and general school. In this competition, the winning team was determined through preliminary and final rounds. 

Among the prominent teams participating, five players from the Gimpo Gujeonghoe Basketball Class, including Kim Tae-yoon, Lee Hyeon-gyu, and Jo Haim (Purunsol Elementary School 6th), Hong Ji-seong (Unyang Elementary School 6th), and Kim Joo-chan (Azure Light Elementary School 5th), participated in the competition. 

Gimpo Gujeonghoe Basketball Class, which had participated in more 5v5 competitions than 3×3 competitions, diligently practiced 3×3 for this competition, and their efforts paid off by winning an unexpected championship. 

Director Gu Jeong-hoe of the Gimpo Gu Jeong-hoe Basketball Class congratulated his students on their victory, saying, “The children, who usually show close friendship, asked me to participate in the 3×3 competition and I readily agreed. I didn’t expect to win, but I am very happy that they achieved surprisingly good results.” . 

He continued, “Through the i-League, we have steadily strengthened our organizational skills, and in the case of the 6th grade players, we are close friends and have good relationships even outside of the gym. We were introduced to 3×3 at the i-League camp held in Jecheon not long ago, and it seems like the kids had fun at that time. Parents “They asked me to participate in this competition, and I’m glad that the results were so good in the end,” he added. 

Director Koo said that Kim Joo-chan, a 5th grader, and Taeyun Kim, a 6th grader, boasted outstanding skills enough to represent Gyeonggi-do and Gimpo City. “The two players are outstanding enough to represent the city and province. They are doing well in competition with other players.” “I was surprised by their good performance on the 3×3 court. They are talented players and dream of becoming레고토토 elite players, and I think this win will be a great motivation for them.” 

Director Koo said that the children’s faces were full of smiles after winning the championship and returning to the basketball classroom. They gave them lots of praise and decided to buy them a delicious meal. “The children’s faces were full of confidence after they won the championship. “I decided to buy him food (laughter),” he said happily. 

He said, “The children said that the 3×3 competition was so fun that they wanted to participate again, so if there is an opportunity, I plan to keep them participating. With this win, other children also began to take interest in the 3×3 competition, and we hope to see the performance of elementary school players from the Gimpo District Basketball Class in various 3×3 competitions in the future. “I think we’ll be able to watch,” he said, promising to continue participating in 3×3 competitions in the future. 

Director Koo said, “The five players who won the championship this time are players who will perform well in middle school if they grow well. Kim Tae-yoon’s parents are doing a lot of research so that he can participate in good competitions through various routes, and the players will also continue to challenge themselves. “Because I am willing to participate, whenever there is a good competition, I plan to encourage children to participate for the sake of their growth,” he added. ※ Assist For Youth is a project in which Assist will join forces with youth basketball classes across the country to promote youth basketball in 2022. Inquiries about joining the Aforyou project can be made through the official Instagram (@assist_for_youth).






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