Taebaek City Sports Council “strongly opposes establishment of sports foundation”

Gangwon Taebaek City Sports Council officially opposed the establishment of the city’s sports foundation.

Ryu Cheol-ho, chairman of the city’s sports association, said on the 11th, “We strongly oppose the city’s unilateral push to establish a sports foundation.”

At the press conference, he said, “The city’s push to establish a sports foundation is a very unfortunate measure that runs counter to the National Sports Promotion Act,” and urged an immediate halt.

The city sports association held an emergency board meeting on this day, converted the city sports association board of directors into an emergency response committee opposing the establishment of a sports foundation, banned participation in all sports competitions held by cities and counties with the establishment 먹튀검증of a sports foundation from November 1, and held the 2nd Gangwon Special Self-Governing Province Women’s Lifestyle Sports Competition. It was decided not to participate.

The city has decided to foster the sports industry in response to the crisis of regional extinction, such as the closure of the Korea Coal Corporation’s Jangseong Mine in 2024, and is promoting the establishment of a sports foundation as a specialized organization for this purpose.






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