Singer Nam Tae-hyun “It’s difficult to quit drugs alone… Government support is needed for rehabilitation.”

Nam Tae-hyun (29), an idol-turned-singer who was sent먹튀검증 to trial on charges of using Philopon, said on the 12th that drug addiction cannot be solved on one’s own and requested that the government increase support.

Mr. Nam appeared as a witness for the Health and Welfare Committee’s audit of government affairs held at the National Assembly this afternoon and emphasized the importance of rehabilitation treatment, saying, “It is difficult for (drug addicts) to get clean on their own.” Mr. Nam said, “I was taking psychiatric medication for severe depression, and when I felt I had reached the end, I started using marijuana and eventually came into contact with philopon . I am currently staying at a drug addiction rehabilitation facility called

Incheon DARC. ” introduced.

Mr. Nam lives here 24 hours a day and is receiving drug addiction treatment and counseling. He shares the reasons why he started medicine with the patients he admitted to the hospital with. The NA program, also known as Narcotics Anonymous ( NA ), is a representative example. Mr. Nam pointed out, “When I entered the rehabilitation facility, I found out that the drug addiction problem was serious, but the government’s support was sorely lacking, as most of the centers were operated with the director’s private funds.” In particular, he said about the atmosphere at the scene, saying, “Due to drug addiction, we receive calls to the facility every day asking for help or to save someone’s life, but we cannot accept them.” At the same time, he emphasized, “Drug addiction cannot be cured by simply going to the hospital and receiving treatment; 24-hour rehabilitation treatment is more important than anything else,” and added, “We earnestly ask for government support.” Additionally, Mr. Nam urged people not to start taking drugs in the first place. Mr. Nam said, “I know there are many young people who are curious about drugs, but what I can tell you is that you should not touch them even once. Drug addiction cannot be solved alone, so I hope you have the courage to ask for help.” “He said. Mr. Nam is a singer who was active in the idol group Winner from 2014 to 2016. After she left Winner, she also formed a band called South Club. Last August, he was indicted without detention on charges of violating the Narcotic Drugs Control Act, and during the investigation stage, he admitted to all charges of using methamphetamine and entered a rehabilitation facility on his own. 






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