‘Expansion of medical school quota’ welcomed by the opposition party… “Something that previous administrations could not do anything about”

The opposition party also voiced support for the plan to expand the medical school quota that the Yoon Seok-yeol government is pursuing.

On the 16th, Democratic Party of Korea lawmaker Jeong Seong-ho, who is considered a pro-Myung faction leader, said on his Facebook page, “It seems like the three-party regime of incompetence, irresponsibility, and inaction is finally trying to do something good.”

Rep. Jeong added, “If expanding the number of medical school메이저놀이터 students is actually implemented, rather than just talking about it or reviewing it, it will be an enormous task that previous administrations were too afraid to do because they were too scared to do anything.” He added, “I hope that we will clearly pursue it and achieve results.”

Democratic Party lawmaker Min Byeong-deok also said on Facebook, “As a citizen, I support the expansion of the number of doctors,” and added, “I fully agree that preventing crowding in the metropolitan area and crowding into non-essential fields such as skin care and plastic surgery should be a priority.” I agreed.

However, he suggested, “I hope that we will establish a consultative body and reach an agreement on fundamental measures by setting a deadline,” and “I hope that we will conduct politics, not military operations.”

Kim Hee-seo, Chief Spokesperson of the Justice Party, also said in a briefing that day, “Expanding the number of medical school students is an issue that the Justice Party and civil society have argued for for a long time.” He added, “The government is expanding the number of medical school students in the direction of expanding public healthcare in line with the rapidly increasing demand for medical services, not as a political ploy.” “Push forward,” he urged.

The government has consistently mentioned the need to expand medical school admissions this year. The government is considering a plan to expand medical school admissions by at least 1,000 students each year starting in 2025.






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