“Net purchase of KRW 500 billion today”… Foreigners betting on Korean semiconductors

US President Joe Biden has made his visit to Israel official. This is interpreted as a move to prevent an escalation of war.

While global stock markets were also tense, foreigners turned to net buying in the domestic stock market for the first time in 17 trading days, or about a month.

In particular, while individuals and institutions sold, foreigners made a net purchase of KRW 428.5 billion, and KOSPI succeeded in closing with a rise of 1%. In particular , foreign buying was focused on

Samsung Electronics and SK Hynix. Foreigners net purchased close to 500 billion won of the two stocks combined.

The US Wall Street Journal analyzed on the 16th local time that the memory semiconductors of Samsung Electronics and SK Hynix will benefit from the AI ​​(artificial intelligence) boom, and it appears that the buying trend was concentrated.

In addition, as there is a high possibility that memory semiconductor prices will rebound in the future, the forecast that Samsung Electronics and SK Hynix will improve their performance starting in the fourth quarter also acted as positive news.

However, as a result of a direct conversation with a securities broker, he said, “As geopolitical risks in Israel and Palestine continue, there has been no event that could change the situation.” “We need to check,” he added.

An overachiever rebellion broke out. Neowiz’s stock price soared following the news that Neowiz’s new work

‘ The Lie of P ‘ had surpassed 1 million copies in cumulative sales within a month of its global release.

Neowiz emphasized, “Currently, we have already passed the break-even point.”

Recently, with the forecast that high interest rates will continue, the KRX Game -K New Deal Index fell nearly 10% for a month (September 15th to October 16th), and buying pressure was focused on game stocks due to the success of Neowiz.

In addition, robot stocks, which had been weak due to growing concerns about the prolonged high interest rates in the United States, also successfully rebounded on this day.

Yang Seung-yoon, a researcher at Eugene Investment & Securities, said, “We expect that we can expect a mid- to long-term upward trend with the future performance and performance growth of the robot business,” adding, “2024 will be the first year in which the robot industry grows in earnest.” said.

As the possibility that the war between the Israeli-Palestinian armed faction Hamas could lead to a long-term war was raised토토사이트, small and medium-sized defense companies such as Huneed and Bigtech also showed an upward trend.

On the 16th, local time, Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant predicted that the fight to eliminate Hamas would be a long-term war, which was interpreted to reflect expectations that orders from defense companies would also increase.

However, the stock prices of the Big 4 defense companies continued their sluggish trend as profit-taking stocks were sold.

Securities companies have a positive outlook on defense stocks. As a result of Korea Economic TV coverage, political events, and war issues are emerging, it is highly likely that demand will increase enough to offset all of them, so we must continue to watch from a mid- to long-term perspective.

In addition, the defense industry is called a ‘sticky business’, and since it does not end once delivery, maintenance and performance improvement are required in the future, it is analyzed that the trickle-down effect will continue for surrounding companies that supply to defense parts and materials companies in addition to the Big 4. .

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