Female college student says, “I won’t date a man who uses a Galaxy”… Chungju City YouTube explosion

Chungju City, North Chungcheong Province, is receiving a lot of criticism for posting on its YouTube channel an interview with a female college student who said she does not date men who use Samsung smartphones. Chungju City deleted the video within a day as controversy spread, with netizens who saw the interview video토토사이트 arguing and arguing.

On the 18th, a video screen uploaded to the official YouTube account of an interview conducted by Chungju City the previous day with a female college student regarding the use of Galaxy mobile phones was shared in many online communities.

In the video, Kim Seon-tae, the ‘public relations man’ of Chungju City, said to A, a female student at a private university in Seoul, “I will ask you a question. “Is it kind of like that when she uses Galaxy?” she asks. This question was designed to find out what young women think about the growing preference for iPhones, especially among teenagers and people in their 20s.

In response, Mr. A said, “I hope they didn’t take pictures of me with that cell phone,” and added, “My friend picked up the number, but the person on the other end was holding a Galaxy phone, so I was very embarrassed.” When Supervisor Kim asked, ‘Did the person who got your number not contact you because it was a Galaxy phone?’, Mr. A said, “Yes,” and “There are a lot of people like this.”

There was a debate about this online. Among netizens who saw the video, comments such as “We need to filter out women who use iPhones now,” “It’s crazy to start dividing people with phones,” “I decided to buy a Galaxy after watching the video,” and “What does comparing Galaxy iPhones have to do with promoting Chungju City?” Critical voices emerged.

Recently, singer Seong Si-kyung became a hot topic after she shared her experience on her YouTube channel where she was treated like her ‘uncle’ by a young woman while using her Galaxy phone. Seong Si-kyung said, “Among young kids, there is a perception that ‘of course you have to use the iPhone’ and ‘Galaxy is the old man’s cell phone.’ The child said (looking at his phone), ‘This is amazing, can I take a look?’” He said bitterly.

According to Gallup Korea’s ‘2023 Smartphone Usage Rate and Brand’ survey last July, 65% of Koreans aged 18 to 29 use Apple iPhones. The proportion of respondents who used Galaxy was 32%.

In last year’s survey, the usage rate by brand among the same age group was 52% for iPhone and 44% for Galaxy. In particular, in terms of gender distribution, 71% of women aged 18 to 29 were found to be using iPhones.






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