Kim Kyung-yul “Kim Hye-kyung’s ‘beopka suspicion’? “The bus driver is guilty of embezzling a few hundred won”

On the morning of the 19th, Neutral Gear Live was held with accountant Kyung-yul Kim. As accountant Kim Gyeong-yul has been attending the ‘Reflection and Search Forum for a Different Future (Reflection and Search)’ led by former Democratic Party of Korea lawmaker Geum Tae-seop and others, I could not leave out the talk of a ‘new party’ that has been heard here and there recently.

Accountant Kim Gyeong-yul said, “Looking at the by-election for Gangseo-gu mayor, I think we can think about the joint alliance,” and added, “I think the joint union will be actively carried out underground until next year’s general election and rise to the surface.”

Below is a summary of key findings:

● “Public sentiment is unforgiving” in the by-election results.
▷Reporter Kwon Ki-
beom: Let’s start talking about current issues in earnest. After the Gangseo-gu mayor by-election ended, you didn’t appear on TV much, so I don’t think I had a chance to hear your evaluation so clearly. What did you think of it? About this by-election phase.

▶Accountant Kim Kyeong-yul
: Is there such a difference of 17%? (17.15%p) I was a bit surprised when I saw that, but the public sentiment is truly unforgiving. Even just a little bit. What can I say, I didn’t expect it to this extent. The difference… They will lose, the People Power Party will lose, and the Democratic Party will win. I didn’t expect this. The difference should be around 10 percentage points, which should be large. As long as there are various judicial risks hanging over Democratic Party leader Lee Jae-myung, it will be difficult for the Democratic Party to overcome a gap of more than 10%. I looked at it like this and there was no room. I was really surprised.

▷Reporter Kwon Ki-
beom Anyway, what is the reason for such a large difference?

▶ Accountant Kyung-yul Kim:
Me. First of all, I want to say this. The reason why I used such an expression as harsh is because ultimately it is the problem of the candidate itself, and the primary problem is the problem of the candidate itself. I understand it was 3 months ago, 3 months before candidate Kim Tae-woo’s candidacy. I believe it was around May, and the final ruling was made around May, and I was pardoned and reinstated within 3 months.

In the past, when I was in People’s Solidarity for Participatory Democracy, this issue arose in 2019, and what the ruling party, including the Democratic Party at that time, emphasized was that regarding former District Mayor Kim Tae-woo’s revelations at the time, ‘Kim Tae-woo is a common criminal’ and former District Mayor Kim Tae-woo. There was a lot of personal corruption going on. So, this person cannot be trusted and should not be trusted because he is a person stained by personal corruption, very personal corruption. It was like this, but in fact, the contents of former district mayor Kim Tae-woo’s disclosure were all true, and the decision made by the Supreme Court, the first trial, the second trial, and even the Supreme Court was whether or not this was an official secret.

Nevertheless, the Democratic Party continued to highlight the personal corruption of former district mayor Kim Tae-woo during the general election, and from that perspective, the People Power Party and the President’s Office failed to meet the public’s expectations. I do it personally. I don’t know Although there were certainly parts worth listening to and there was room for former district mayor Kim Tae-woo to make excuses, he failed somewhat in terms of whether he could have convinced the public of that.

To return to the answer, to put it briefly, the problem I had with Candidate Taewoo Kim was that he ran again just three months after the Supreme Court made a final ruling. Another thing was a series of personnel failures in the process, controversies related to Kim Haeng, the candidate for Minister of Gender Equality and Family, and the progress was a bit unsmooth. There were some comedic scenes at the end, and Minister Candidate Kim Haeng’s appearance was, how can I say it, regardless of his political position and various possible controversies, it was not a desirable appearance for a candidate who could hold public office. I think these things overlapped. do.

● “I wonder what kind of abilities CEO Kim Ki-hyun has”▷Reporter Kwon Ki-
beom The ruling party launched Kim Ki-hyun’s second term after being defeated and changed the appointed positions, and President Yoon Seok-yeol again ‘reflects’, ‘the people’, and ‘people’s livelihood’. In any case, he will take care of the people’s livelihood. How would you evaluate these remarks? ?

▶Accountant Kim Kyeong-
yul (omitted) What was I thinking? Kim Ki-hyun: We say that as we look at the launch of the so-called second term system. Elementary School Students, Kim Ki-Hyeon By comparing the 2nd term system to elementary school students, middle school students, and high school students. I feel a bit sorry, but our elementary school, middle school, and high school students say, ‘It’s as good as expected.’ If you say things like, ‘That guy is really a bad guy,’ ‘He always goes to school,’ and ‘He’s the kid who doesn’t study and skips classes, and he’s the kid who only sleeps in class,’ that’s actually what happens. They say he can make even whales dance, so if you keep praising him, he gets his karma, but looking at it now, I haven’t seen anyone say anything good about Kim Ki-hyun’s second term system.

▷Reporter Kwon Ki-
beom Even within the party.

▶Kim Kyeong-yul, accountant
The Democratic Party is natural, and the so-called anti-Yoon forces within the party, to put it mildly, are not only limited to people like Lee Jun-seok and Yoo Seung-min, but in a way, broadly. What can I say, so far, even people who are close to the mainstream People Power Party have been saying quite critical, and depending on what you hear, words that are close to curses. I wonder if I can do well after hearing these words, how can I do well when they say these things…

▷Reporter Kwon Ki-beom
: So are you saying that we need to trust it?

▶Kim Kyung-yul, Accountant
Not only is it unbelievable, but another thing is, if that is the case, what can we say depending on the case? I don’t know if you like baseball, but LG has now won the pennant race, and not only in the early and middle stages of this pennant race, many LG fans criticized coach Yeom Kyung-yeop. (omitted)
I said these things, but I think it was director Yeom Kyung-yeop’s own ability to overcome them.

What I want to say is, then, does the second term of Representative Kim Ki-hyun have the ability to see through the many negative reviews that are close to curses? If you look at it this way, I am skeptical about this. Regardless of whether one has the ability or not, I made the statement a bit confusing. Is there even a 60 or 80 value that can be used to evaluate the ability or not? I wonder if Representative Kim Ki-hyun has shown anything during his term of office, so to speak. In other words, everyone just looked at it as a tunnel through which President Yoon Seok-yeol’s Yongsan heart passes, but does Representative Kim Ki-hyun have unique abilities?

▷Reporter Kwon Ki-beom
: A tunnel through which the mind passes.

▶Accountant Kim Kyeong-
yul So, I too am a little doubtful about what kind of abilities Representative Kim Ki-hyun himself possesses, not only from the secondary external perspective and the internal perspective of the People Power Party. (omitted)

● “Hapjongyeonheung will rise to the surface”▷Reporter Kwon Ki-beom
: In fact, talk about a new party keeps coming up here and there, and specifically, they talked about a new party for Yoo Seung-min and a new party for Lee Jun-seok. In fact, there are some forces that declared a new party, and then there are those who have a third movement. In fact, there is Rep. Yang Hyang-ja, and then there is former Rep. Geum Tae-seop. Anyway, the accountant went to the meeting led by Rep. Geum Tae-seop and talked a lot and said, “How are you feeling about the movement?” Do you meet a lot?

I meet accountant Kim Kyeong-yul often, and he seems to be working hard. However, it is difficult to say that this is a fundamental limitation of the three parties in our country’s political landscape. I feel like I’m feeling these things quite keenly. It was also revealed in this by-election for the Gangseo-gu mayor. Should I say that it is my progressive party, not the so-called People Power Party and the Democratic Party? They all have less than 2% as I remember.

Quite a bit, what should I say. Regarding the Justice Party, it also received a fatal vote rate. Along similar lines, aren’t both Geum Tae-seop’s new party and Yang Hyang-ja’s new party going through difficulties? Furthermore, I think it eloquently shows the difficulties facing the third party in our country.

▷Reporter Kwon Ki-
beom: As you may remember, when you first appeared on our channel, you said that if this third movement led by former lawmaker Geum Tae-seop were to create an issue that needs solidarity, wouldn’t it be closer to the People Power Party than the Democratic Party? You said that you thought so. Coincidentally, the People Power Party keeps talking about a new party. So how can you see any concrete movement or anything like this to show solidarity?

▶Accountant Kim Kyeong-yul: It appears to be appearing
through various channels within the current ruling party, including through SNS and posts by some personnel. Even though subtitles are playing now, Yoo Seung-min and Lee Jun-seok, especially former lawmaker Yoo Seung-min, have set a deadline so that we can start looking for a new party around December. I know you said this too.

As you mentioned, there are specific movements by the third party, but I understand that not only Geum Tae-seop and Yang Hyang-ja are making movements. In reality, wouldn’t it be possible to fully think about the joint alliance you mentioned while looking at things like the Gangseo-gu mayor by-election?

No matter how good everyone’s cause is, if they aren’t actually given something to say in a legal space within the parliamentary space, it means nothing, right? Therefore, it is unlikely that such movements will be seen in reality. I think it will actively emerge from below and above the surface during the period until next year’s general election.

● “Lee Jae-myung’s trial, the possibility of a first trial ruling before the general election is zero.”▷Reporter Kwon Ki-
beom (omitted) Let’s naturally move on to talking about the Democratic Party. The Democratic Party has won the by-election and is in an atmosphere of solidifying the Lee Dae-myung representative system. However, because of what you mentioned earlier, the trial risk has begun and we cannot be at ease. What do you think? Can we assume that this trial risk will continue according to this picture until the general election?

▶Accountant Kim Kyeong-
yul Now, many Democratic Party members are sharing such good words. Since becoming floor leader Hong Ik-pyo, only good things have happened to us. Those good things could be the victory in the Gangseo by-election and the dismissal of the arrest warrant for Representative Lee Jae-myeong, but in the end, it is. I believe that a series of actions like this in the past, one year, two years, three years ago, were pointed out by some within the Democratic Party, what some sensible people said, that the party and the public sentiment were becoming increasingly separated. This means that due to the separation of the by-elections, the local government election, the presidential election, and the by-elections before that were all lost one after another.

So, in the end, if such a situation had arisen due to the separation of the party and the public sentiment, there would now be a series of choices at the crossroads of ‘Save Lee Jae-myung or save the party?’ ‘Save Lee Jae-myung or save the people.’ The actions are an all-in effort to save Lee Jae-myung, and they are showing actions that are truly shameless. These people really remind me of the Red Guards. Now, what can I say? Even the SS was organized, and as I said, I forgot the exact name, but around the time of Representative Lee Jae-myeong’s fasting, a so-called organization was created. I suddenly can’t remember the name. Is it the Democratic Party or the National Innovation Council? These people were created and led by Mr. Kang Won-ri, to a considerable extent.

▷Reporter Ki-Beom Kwon
caused controversy?

▶Accountant Kim Kyeong-
yul: That’s right, these people are taking action in a fairly comprehensive manner right now. The Minjoo National Innovation Conference, that’s right. There, Mr. Kang comes out, and former Prime Minister Lee Hae-chan also comes out quite a bit, and although he is someone who rarely makes official moves, he comes out and exchanges well-wishes. I think these series of actions are aimed at saving Lee Jae-myung. Aren’t actions like this a shortcut that will ultimately lead to the party and Lee Jae-myung leaving the people? In the end, Lee Jae-myung.

That’s the case for me. In some ways, I too have been closely involved with the Democratic Party and in civic groups, and have been active for a long time. From a loving perspective, I think whether or not to abandon Lee Jae-myung will ultimately determine the fate of the Democratic Party. Looking at the current trend, it seems like I have no intention of abandoning it at all.

▷Reporter Ki-Beom Kwon
Will those who are currently indicted and facing trial be sentenced in the first trial before the general election? I am interested in this. How do you think it will progress?

▶Accountant Kim Kyeong-
yul: If I were to give you an answer first, I would say that the possibility of that happening is zero.

▷Reporter Kwon Ki-
beom: We are converging on zero.

▶Accountant Kim Kyeong-
yul: Is this convergence to zero because of the prosecution’s will, the court’s will to make the first trial ruling, or the court’s attention? That’s not it. If you look at the past Moon Jae-in administration and a very close issue, take a look at the trial process of former Gyeonggi Province Vice Governor Lee Hwa-young. They are doing everything they can to delay their trial. He does a lot of things that are really laughable. Personally, even a prominent figure in the ruling party, whom I had greatly admired, came and got into trouble in the so-called court when he was almost 70 years old. I have no other way to express what he did in court other than calling it a disaster.

So, I believe that the possibility of a first trial ruling coming out before the general election is zero. I mention this again, but regardless of the will of the court, who has the means and methods to delay the trial, not only the past Gyeonggi Province Governor Lee Hwa-young, but also who else? Mi-Hyang Yoon and Rep. Kang-Wook Choi, who lost his position as a member of the National Assembly not long ago, have used 10, 100, 200 unscrupulous methods to delay the trial and use legal representatives, so it is difficult to expect a first-trial ruling. It’s hopeless.

▷Reporter Kwon Ki-beom
It is highly likely that the court will simply prevent the case from proceeding normally.

▶Accountant Kim Kyeong-yul:
It is absolutely impossible for me. No matter how many judges come with the will to make a certain decision, it will never be possible.

▷Reporter Kwon Ki-beom
: Doesn’t the Democratic Party make claims like that? Aren’t they trying to humiliate us by filing separate indictments when they could have done so by grouping them together? Well, when you claim something like this, doesn’t that make some sense?

▶Accountant Kim Kyeong-
yul: I don’t think it’s worth responding to each and every word of these people or the Democratic Party. If they combine the charges again, they will say that they were indicted together. Since it has been a while since I appeared on YouTube, I will give you an example. Regarding the Seoul-Yangpyeong Expressway, I saw many lawmakers raising issues during the National Assembly audit period. As for the basis, they came up with something that was contrary to what they had argued so far, and now they are talking about it again.

On the contrary, I saw them come up with what I had argued and say things like, ‘This is the basis for the intervention against First Lady Kim Kun-hee,’ and I thought, ‘These people are really amazing.’ So, I don’t think the Democratic Party needs to listen to these people, at least not under the current Democratic Party headed by Lee Jae-myung. Well, do we have to answer each and every empty story these people say? (omitted)

● “Kim Hye-kyung’s ‘beopka suspicion’ is guilty if true”▷Reporter Kwon Ki-
beom: I understand. I wanted to ask you about this too. It was yesterday. Yesterday, there were two issues. One was during the National Assembly inspection. One was that Gyeonggi Province Governor Kim Dong-yeon suspected Kim Hye-kyung of misappropriating legal documents, and up to 100 cases related to that came out, so he requested the prosecution to investigate. Meanwhile, the witness, whose name I suddenly can’t remember, was originally supposed to appear as a witness yesterday.

▶Accountant Kim Kyeong-
yul, to be exact, as far as I know, he is a reference.

▷Reporter Kwon Ki
-beom was trying to appear as a reference, but it was먹튀검증 canceled so he couldn’t appear, and there were some issues like this. But then again, the Democratic Party said, ‘This is not a big problem, so why are you going to prosecute me for something like this?’ Speaking of this, how do you view this attitude?

▶Accountant Kim Kyeong-
yul: What I just said will serve as further evidence. Rep. Kim Eui-gyeom said, ‘Kim Hye-kyung’s suspicions about Beopka are not a big problem.’ You don’t have to take these words seriously, guys. I’ll give you the same answer again. Try searching on Google for Park Joo-min and Han Dong-hoon, Ministry of Justice. Then, what Rep. Park Joo-min said during this government audit period is that there is no problem that can be overlooked just because the amount is small. He said this.

Sure, I want to meet with Park Joo-min and Kim Eui-gyeom to unify our opinions and talk about it. Kim Eui-gyeom’s amount is small. What is this? This is not a small amount, is it? In this regard, I am an expert that can be counted on one hand in Korea regarding the corporate card issue of Ms. Lee Hye-kyung or CEO Lee Jae-myeong, and even the amount is not small. The number of cases is not even 100. (omitted)

▷Reporter Kwon Ki-
beom Anyway, you must have seen a lot of similar types of cases like this, and you must have seen them a lot while working for a civic group. If something like this goes into investigation and you are indicted, then this is not a prison sentence, but what about the possibility of being found guilty? ?

▶Kim Kyeong-yul, Accountant
If I were to make a judgment of guilt or innocence on this, wouldn’t I be judged guilty? When it comes to cases like this, what comes to mind right now is that bus drivers are sometimes found guilty and fired even if they take 100 won or even a few hundred won. What can a public official do like this? If Governor Kim Dong-yeon is accused of up to 100 cases of misappropriation, then I am. We must be severely punished by the law. (omitted)

※ The above content is an excerpt of some of the main content of the conversation and is different from the actual live performance. Full details can be viewed on the Dong-A Ilbo channel on YouTube [Neutral Gear].






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