“Famous celebrities are making a fuss” and people in their 20s are upset because they can’t eat… Is it really effective?

“I started with vitamins, but as I continued, I increased my intake of lactic acid bacteria, multivitamins, and folic acid.”

Mr. A, a college student preparing for employment, is taking a total of 4 pills twice a day. Mr. A, who was first introduced to health functional foods (hereinafter referred to as health supplements) at the recommendation of his parents, said, “Looking around me these days, it seems like there are almost no friends who don’t eat them at all.”

These days, healthy eating is a craze among people in their 20s and 30s. The sight of swallowing pills by the handful is no longer limited to the elderly. Mr. A said, “The whole family has to line up in front of the water purifier to take medicine before going to bed.”

The reason young people are addicted to a dry diet is to become healthier. The important thing is that you should not blindly trust the health food itself. Experts advise that we should be wary of the belief that ‘all you need is a healthy diet to stay up all night and prevent aging.’

A representative health food that is popular among young people is ‘Othomol’. At 129,000 won for 30 bottles, the price is not cheap먹튀검증. Nevertheless, its popularity was largely due to word of mouth that celebrities such as Jang Won-young and Kim Go-eun were taking it. Mr. B, an office worker in his 20s, said, “Most people who are not interested in healthy food have heard of Orthomol.”

According to the Health Functional Food Association, in the past year, the purchase rate of dry food has increased significantly from 29.5% to 47.9% among those in their 20s and from 45.5% to 56.8% among those in their 30s. Based on data from 2020, considering the recent rapid increase in the dry food market, the purchase rate among people in their 20s and 30s is likely to have also increased rapidly.

As of last year, 8 out of 10 households had experience purchasing dry food, and the average spending per household exceeded 350,000 won. The size of the domestic dry food market is estimated to be over 6 trillion won.

Healthy diets that are popular among people in their 20s and 30s are also becoming more diverse. In the beginning, vitamins were the main ingredients, but recently, the variety has become more diverse, including lactic acid bacteria, folic acid, protein, milk thistle, collagen, lutein and zeaxanthin complex extract, and probiotics.

It is pointed out that as not only the pharmaceutical industry but also the cosmetics and distribution industries enter the health functional food market, consumers need to make more careful choices. Be careful of overdosing, and be careful about mixing different types of dry foods.

Recently, as competition between companies has intensified, the risk of being exposed to exaggerated and false advertising is also increasing. The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety recently detected 227 advertisements that misled people into thinking that regular foods were health functional foods, such as advertising them as ‘height growth nutrients.’ It is advertised as ‘nutrition for test takers’, ‘nutrition for height growth’, etc.

The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety said, “As there are many advertisements that confuse general foods with health functional foods, when purchasing health functional foods, you must check the health functional food certification mark and functional information on the product label.”






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