“Oppa, are you really using the galley?” iPhone love among people in their teens and twenties

Recently, the preference for iPhone continues, especially among the 1020 generation. Especially among fashion-sensitive teenagers, there is even a joking saying, ‘If you don’t use an iPhone, you’ll be an outcast.’ Unlike Samsung smartphones, which have a diverse product lineup ranging from mid-priced phones to high-priced phones, the iPhone is concentrated only on the high-priced lineup, but young people seem to choose the iPhone even at the high cost.

1020 generation iPhone craze in both Korea and the US

According to the ‘2023 Smartphone Usage Rate & Brand’ survey released by Gallup Korea in July, 65% of Koreans aged 18 to 29 were found to be using Apple’s iPhone. Only 32% responded that they ‘use Samsung Galaxy’. In particular, there was a clear tendency for female users to prefer the iPhone. It was found that 71% of women aged 18 to 29 were using iPhones.

However, looking at the Korean market as a whole, the Galaxy still dominates the iPhone. 69% of those surveyed said they ‘use Galaxy’. By age, the Galaxy usage rate was highest in the following order: 60s (86%), 50s (85%), and 40s (78%). Only among young people aged 18 to 29 is the iPhone showing an advantage, with the usage rate being twice that of the Galaxy.

This is not a phenomenon limited to Korea. A survey showed that most teenagers in the United States also use iPhones.

According to the annual semi-annual report released this month by US investment bank Piper Sandler, 87% of US teenagers answered that they were using an iPhone. Additionally, 88% of teenagers answered that they would use the iPhone as their next smartphone. This survey was conducted on 9,193 teenagers living in the United States from the 4th to the 27th of last month.

The British media Financial Times commented on the iPhone craze among the ‘Generation Z ‘ (those born after 1996) in the US, saying, “The social pressure to have an iPhone is at an insane level.”

“I don’t like men who use Galaxy”… Controversy over extraordinary loyalty to iPhone

As smartphone preferences differ sharply across age groups, the Galaxy has been given the stigma of being an ‘old phone’. The Galaxy has received poor reviews for not being able to keep up with the iPhone in terms of design and sensibility. It is true that Galaxy’s differentiated features such as call recording and Samsung Pay provide convenience, but it is pointed out that they are not trendy enough to attract the attention of young people. Accordingly, a term was created to disparage Galaxy as ‘Galaxy (Galaxy + Garbage)’.

In particular, there has been controversy recently when a video containing disparaging content about Galaxy was posted on some YouTube channels. Chungju City’s official YouTube channel, run by Director Kim Seon-tae, known as the so-called ‘PR Man’, recently became a hot topic with young people’s critical opinions about Galaxy.

In the video in question, Director Kim asked, “Isn’t it a bit like using a Galaxy? I’m curious about the atmosphere of college students these days,” and college student A responded, “It doesn’t matter, but I hope they don’t film me with that cell phone.”

Mr. A also said, “My friend was asked for his number, and the cell phone the other person was holding was a Galaxy. He said he was very embarrassed,” and “He said he did not contact the man.” When Officer Kim asked, “The person who asked for the number had a Galaxy phone, so you didn’t contact them?”, Mr. A answered “Yes.” As controversy arose, the video was deleted.

Meanwhile, her singer Seong Si-kyung also revealed her토스카지노 도메인 thoughts on Galaxy through her YouTube channel on the 5th. He said, “I met a young girl not long ago, and she said, ‘Oppa, do you use ‘Galaxy’?’” and “It seems that young children have the perception that it must be an iPhone. (Galaxy) is a phone for old men.” did. Mr. Seong added, “Personally, I think Galaxy photos are warmer and come out better than iPhone photos.”

There is also an analysis that celebrities’ love for iPhones has influenced teenagers.

Celebrities’ love for Apple is often cited as the reason why the iPhone has a ‘young and trendy’ image. The analysis is that the iPhone has been reborn as a sophisticated image as famous celebrities who have great influence on the 1020 generation are shown using the iPhone. In fact, the idol group ‘New Jeans’ became a hot topic by filming the music video for ‘ ETA ‘ using the iPhone 14 Pro.

Blackpink members who once worked as Galaxy models also showed themselves using iPhones after their contracts ended. In particular, member Jisoo posted a selfie photo taken with her iPhone on her Instagram after her contract expired and wrote, “Wow, I barely changed it. New phone , cute case . “

There is also an analysis that various functions that can only be used by iPhone users, such as AirDrop and iMessage functions, have influenced the ‘peer culture’ of teenagers. The opinion is that features that can only be used on the iPhone have strengthened homogeneity among users.

In this situation, Samsung Electronics is also making various attempts to reach out to young people. They are collaborating with luxury brands Thom Browne and Maison Margiela on the ‘Galaxy Z Flip’ series, or increasing ‘ponku’ (phone decoration) accessories for young people who value individuality. At a press conference held in July, Noh Tae-moon, head of Samsung Electronics’ MX division, said, “It is Samsung Electronics’ duty and desire to provide products and functions that can be comfortably used by all regions of the world and all classes

. ” He said, “It is never a desirable phenomenon for preferences to differ among certain classes.” He added, “For the Korean market, our sales and marketing teams are analyzing the cause and are continuing various efforts to improve it.”






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