“A bodyguard is present at the first meeting”… Nam Hyun-hee remarries a third-generation chaebol 15 years younger than her.

On the 23rd, Nam Hyun-hee revealed her husband-to-be, businessman Jeon Cheong-jo, through an interview with the magazine Women’s Chosun.

In her interview, Nam Hyun-hee said that Jeon contacted her first early this year, and that “(Mr. Jeon) urgently needed to learn fencing due to business work, and the opponent was someone who had been doing fencing as a hobby for a long time,” she said.

She continued, “I was waiting for Mr. Cheongjo at the fencing range for training on the first day, and I was surprised when a friend who was very young compared to his age walked in accompanied by a bodyguard.”

Regarding how the two became close, Nam Hyun-hee said짱구카지노, “During my second class, I was asked if I wanted to start a fencing-related business and would I be willing to join in?” “After hearing the story, I liked the business plan so much that I thought, ‘I’d be a fool to turn this down.’” He explained.

Regarding the reason why she first proposed her business to Nam Hyun-hee, Jeon first said, “I live in a different environment from ordinary people,” and “I have bodyguards and a driver who accompany me in my daily life.”

He added, “He clearly knew that I was young, but when he saw me, he put his hands together and politely said ‘Hello.’” He added, “I saw such great professionalism, and I thought I could do anything with this person.”

Mr. Jeon then said, “After her divorce, I think she had a change of heart as she saw Nam Hyun-hee,” and “I confessed to Nam Hyun-hee first.”

The media introduced Mr. Jeon as a ‘third generation chaebol’ and added that he had previously assisted in management as an executive of a ‘ global information technology ( IT ) company’ and is currently running an ‘Arts, Physical Education, Psychology and Etiquette Education Center’ for children in Korea.

He also said, ‘His personal story and business plans, which cannot be revealed due to unavoidable circumstances, will be revealed directly right before his wedding with Nam Hyun-hee.’

Nam Hyun-hee and her daughter, Jeon, were said to be living in Signiel, an expensive house where Jeon lived alone.

In an interview today, she said that Nam Hyun-hee thought for a long time before going public with her remarriage because she thought she might be criticized.

He said, “I used to feel uncomfortable in an environment where I had to talk about my life every time something changed,” and “I have an 11-year-old daughter, and the age difference between me and Mr. Cheongjo is 15 years, and there is a big difference financially.” He

continued, “From that point of view, people may assume that Nam Hyun-hee did something by tricking the other person,” and “When I said, ‘I am divorced. I have a new boyfriend,’ he said, ‘Nam Hyun-hee made a mistake and accused her ex-husband of doing something wrong.’ “It is because there were people who incorrectly assumed, ‘Isn’t that true?’”

Regarding the child issue, Nam Hyun-hee said, “It seems like the child is currently in the process of accepting it,” and added, “I think it is something to be cautious about, so we are making a lot of effort with Mr. Cheongjo.” Regarding

the plan for the second generation, Jeon said, “I am very grateful if I have a child with the person I love, but there is no problem if I don’t have a child.”

Nam Hyun-hee and former national cycling team member Gong Hyo-seok They got married in 2011 and had a daughter, but divorced 12 years later.






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