“If you capture them, you will be rewarded with an apartment and $10,000″… Hostages confined throughout the tunnels

Israel has released a video of its investigation of a captured Hamas member.

He was told to capture as many prisoners as possible for a huge reward, Lee said.

A woman in her 80s who managed to be freed from Hamas testified that the hostages were being held separately in several tunnels.

Reporter Hwang Bo-yeon reports.

On the 7th, Hamas members crossed the border of the Gaza Strip and raided an Israeli village,

shooting everyone and mercilessly dragging them away, including civilians and soldiers.

Israel released a video interrogating Hamas members who were arrested for participating in the attack.

One operator mentioned the chilling instructions given early on.

[Muhammad al-Hamaida / Hamas member: Hamas instructions to civilians were to kill men and take women, the elderly and children hostage.]굿모닝토토 주소 There is also a story that Hamas leadership promised substantial compensation and told them to secure as many

hostages as possible. It came out.

[Muhammad al-Mazdalawi / Hamas member: I told them to secure as many prisoners as possible. Anyone who takes a prisoner receives a reward. (What is the price for taking a hostage?) It is an apartment and $10,000 in American money.]

Currently, there are about 220 hostages held by Hamas .

As expected, it appears that they are trapped in various places in the maze-like tunnels of Gaza.

An 85-year-old Israeli woman, who was released for the second time on the 23rd local time, said that the agents kidnapped her and took her to a tunnel.

She explained that there was a surprisingly large space underground, and the hostages were held in different parts of the tunnel.

[Jocheved Lifshitz / Released Israeli: We arrived at the space in the tunnel where 25 people were gathered, but the 5 people captured from our kibbutz were separated and placed elsewhere.] It is reported that 30 French people were killed in the Hamas attack and several others were captured

. President Emmanuel Macron visited Israel and emphasized international solidarity.

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, who described the Hamas raid as the worst act of anti-Jewish violence since the Holocaust, said he would fight as quickly as possible to avoid civilian casualties.






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