Nam Hyun-hee’s bride-to-be, Jeon Cheong-jo, was a convict of ‘women’ fraud.

All sorts of controversies are erupting, with ‘female theory’ and ‘scammer theory’ being raised regarding Jeon Cheong-jo, who is known to be the prospective groom of former national fencing team member Nam Hyeon-hee. Meanwhile, Dispatch reported today (25th) that Jeon Cheong-jo has been engaging in several fraudulent activities.

The basis for this is the ruling issued by the Incheon District Court on May 14, 2020.

JTBC reporters also received and confirmed the ruling to confirm the facts.

Issue ①: Is Jeon Cheong-jo a ‘woman’?… Court: “The defendant was a woman…acting as a man.”

The first thing to look at is Jeon’s ‘true gender’, which many people would be curious about.

Immediately after Mr. Nam announced his marriage온라인카지노 to Mr. Jeon, claims that Mr. Jeon was a woman were posted in various online communities. One netizen said that it was Jeon’s middle school graduation photo, and the ‘Jeon Cheongjo’ name tag even posted a photo of only one woman online.

Looking at the 2020 Incheon District Court ruling, Mr. Jeon was identified as a ‘woman.’ To be specific, she is a ‘cross-dresser’. She would approach a woman pretending to be a man and open her heart and wallet.

The court in charge of Mr. Jeon’s trial clearly stated at the time that “the defendant acted as a man to the victim” and “the defendant is a woman.”

Issue ②: What kind of person is Jeon Cheong-jo… a third-generation chaebol? 

IT businessman? fraud?!

The court determined that Mr. Jeon committed numerous fraudulent acts from April 2018 to November 2019. There are many different types, from general investment fraud to double fraud cases.

Mr. Jeon was a man in Jeju City on April 30, 2019.

At that time, Mr. Jeon told victim A, “My wife’s older brother runs a water-related investment business in Seoul,” and said, “If you invest 3 million won, I will make a profit in 6 months and give you 5 billion won.” At the same time, he even lied and said, “If the business does not work, I will guarantee you 5 million won, including the principal.”

Was Mr. Jeon really trying to raise business funds? no. The court clearly ruled that “the defendant was a woman and did not have a biological brother of his wife,” and that “even if he received 3 million won, he could not return 5 billion won to the victim by making a profit, and he had no intention or ability to return 5 million won.” Mr. Jeon planned to use the money he received to pay off existing debts and add to living expenses.

Issue ④: A post alleging an attempt to conduct a false interview with former player Nam Hyun-hee… The reporter left a phone message for former player Nam, but did not receive a reply.






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