First Chinese smog attack this fall… Ultrafine dust ‘bad’

Smog from China is flowing in for the first time this fall.

As of this morning, the concentration of ultrafine dust in the Midwest has soared to ‘bad’ levels, requiring caution.

This is reporter Jeong Hye-yoon’s report.

The cloudy sky makes visibility hazy.

This is because the morning fog remained as a haze and was메이저놀이터 mixed with smog from China.

Smog, which had slowed down during the summer, began to have an impact for the first time this fall.

The concentration of ultrafine dust in the metropolitan area, including Seoul, and parts of North Chungcheong Province and North Gyeongsang Province, has soared to the ‘bad’ level for the first time in five months.

[Ban Ki-seong/K-Weather Forecast Center Director: Looking at the Chinese data, the concentration was a bit high there as well. As it passes through the pressure trough, it will have some impact on our side.]

Smog from China is expected to continue overnight and affect the inland area until this morning.

Although ultrafine dust concentrations in the Midwest, Honam, and Jeju Island will rise to ‘bad’ levels, it is unlikely that a special advisory will be issued.

Meteorological experts believe that the fine dust season has begun in earnest as smog from China crosses the West Sea and affects the country.

In particular, he urged caution, saying that air congestion, smog, and yellow dust will overlap and worsen air quality until next spring.






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