President Yong’s approval rating is 32%… NBS survey lowest in half a year

The approval rating for political parties is also the lowest in 6 months, while the approval rating is the highest in 6 months… In the general election, the theory of government checks > the theory of support: 7% difference.

After the defeat in the October 11 by-election굿모닝토토 주소, public opinion polls show a downward trend in the approval ratings of the party and government. A public opinion poll showed that the positive evaluation rate of President Yoon Seok-yeol’s performance of state affairs and the approval rating of the ruling party were the lowest in half a year since last April, while the approval rating of the main opposition Democratic Party was the highest during the same period. According to the 4th week of October of the ‘National Index Survey ( NBS )’

conducted on a bi-weekly basis by four public opinion polling institutions including Embrain Public, K-Stat Research, Korea Research, and Korea Research on the 26th, the positive evaluation of President Yoon’s administration of state affairs was positive. The negative evaluation was 32%, and the negative evaluation was 58%. Compared to the previous survey, the second week of October, the positive evaluation rate decreased by 3 percentage points and the negative evaluation rate increased by 1 percentage point. Although all fluctuations are within the margin of error (±3.1 points at the 95% confidence level), the positive evaluation rate of the president’s job performance of 32% is the lowest since the second week of April in a survey by the same agency. The approval ratings for political parties were 31% for the Democratic Party, 30% for the People Power Party, and 3% for the Justice Party. Although political party approval ratings have not changed significantly over the past six months, the Democratic Party’s approval rating of 31% is the highest since the 2nd week of April (the previous highest was 30% in the 4th week of April), and the People Power Party’s approval rating of 30% is the lowest during the same period (July 3). corresponds to a tie with the state. In next year’s general election, 40% of respondents said, ‘The ruling party must be strengthened to support government administration’, and 47% of respondents said, ‘The opposition party must be strengthened to keep the government in check.’ The gap has widened further compared to the previous survey where 43% were in favor of government support and 46% were in favor of checks. This is the result of a survey in which support for government checks was the highest since last May. However, the survey on government support and checks related to the general election has been showing an ups and downs without much change since last May. The survey in which the government support theory was most dominant was in the 3rd week of August (47% -42 %), and the time when the check theory was most dominant, excluding this survey, was in the 5th week of the same month (42% -48 %). In the question about the need for a third party, which was also related to the general election, the answer was tight with 48% saying it was necessary and 46% saying it was not necessary. In a survey of opinions on the issue of expanding the number of students in medical schools, which is a policy issue, the results were overwhelming, with 77% in favor of expanding the number of students in medical schools, and 16% opposed. This survey, which was conducted independently by four public opinion polling organizations without a request from the media, was conducted over a period of three days from the 23rd through a telephone interview survey targeting 1,006 men and women aged 18 and older nationwide, extracted from mobile phone virtual number data provided by the three telecommunication companies. The response rate was 14.6% (a total of 6,895 people called, 1,006 people completed responses). Details such as statistical correction techniques and questionnaire questions can be found on the National Election Opinion Survey Deliberation Committee website.






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