“This is the third generation of a chaebol.” Jeon Cheong-jo was protected by bodyguards.

On the 27th, JTBC released several photos of Mr. Jeon and reported, “According to Kim Min-seok, a member of the Gangseo-gu district in Seoul, M먹튀검증r. Jeon paid 15 million won per month for each bodyguard accompanying him.”

In the photo, Mr. Jeon is drinking a drink at an outdoor cafe, dressed in a suit and wearing sunglasses. Behind him, sturdy men who appear to be bodyguards are standing with their backs to Mr. Jeon.In another photo, Mr. Jeon is sitting inside a vehicle that appears to be a limousine with his chin slightly pushed forward. He also has a rose tattoo on his slightly exposed ankle. There is also a photo showing the back of the person heading somewhere while being protected by bodyguards.

Regarding the reason why related photos were not released earlier, Rep. Kim said, “It is said that if ordinary people took photos, the security guards told them to delete them all.”

As Mr. Jeon, who has poor credit, was unable to receive the money swindled from people around him into his own account after his release from prison, suspicions arose that he received it into the accounts of his bodyguards and accomplices. Rep. Kim plans to file a complaint against those presumed to be accomplices to the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency today.

Earlier, Rep. Kim reported Mr. Jeon to the Gangseo Police Station on charges of fraud and attempted fraud the day before. Although no one has actually suffered damage, this is based on a tip received that Mr. Jeon attempted to commit fraud.






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