In Yo-han of the People Power Party, “Lee Jun-seok’s feelings were very hurt… “We will meet and solve it.”

Regarding the decision to lift disciplinary action against former CEO Lee Jun-seok and others as the first agenda item on the 28th, In Yo-han, chairman of the People Power Party’s Innovation Committee, said, “(Former CEO Lee and others) were very hurt,” and added, “They need to ease their minds and that’s what I will do.”

Chairman In said in a Yonhap News 짱구카지노 도메인TV interview that day, “We need to meet once, twice, three times to resolve the issue.” Regarding Lee Jun-seok’s rumor of founding a new party, he said, “It’s outside of work,” but he responded, “I don’t think it will be good for the parties involved or for us.”

When asked whether the Innovation Committee also plans to deal with nomination regulations, Chairman In said, “For the Innovation Committee to individually regulate the nomination rules is not our action, but rather an excess of authority,” and added, “It is our responsibility to lay the foundation and foundation for nomination.” revealed.

Regarding the comment that stars from Yeongnam should come to a rough area in Seoul, Chairman In said, “I have never specifically mentioned anyone and will not do so,” and added, “The decision should be made by the party and campaign committees, so if the Innovation Committee does so, it would be an act of overstepping its authority.”

Regarding the rumor about running for Seodaemun Gap in next year’s general election, Chairman In said, “There is nothing I can’t run for, but none of it is important. Not running or running is not important, but I should worry about the future. If the country calls for it, I should do it.”






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