Itaewon disappeared for Halloween… Kim Jong-un costume appears in Hongdae

On the 28th, the Saturday before Halloween Day, the atmosphere in the streets of Hongdae and Itaewon in Seoul were mixed.

According to News 1, around 8 p.m. on this day, citizens who came out to enjoy the weekend gathered in groups of twos and threes on the streets of Hongdae, Seoul. However, the crowd was less crowded than last year. It was at the usual Friday and Saturday levels.

It wasn’t that I couldn’t completely feel the Halloween atmosphere토토사이트. People wearing ‘Halloween costumes’ passed by one by one. In particular, when a man dressed as North Korean Workers’ Party General Secretary Kim Jong-un appeared in the middle of the streets of Hongdae, people gathered around him. There were also men wearing squid game costumes, maid costumes, and people wearing special forces and police commando costumes.

Police and district office officials were mobilized on the streets of Hongdae. They secured the passage by installing a fence to prevent passing citizens from getting tangled up. To prevent crowds from gathering, whistles were blown to control the crowds.

On the other hand, Itaewon was full of a memorial atmosphere rather than a festival, one day before the first anniversary of his disaster (29th). The phrase ‘We express our deepest condolences to the victims and bereaved families of the October 29 Halloween disaster’ was repeatedly displayed on the large electronic display board of the Hamilton Hotel, which is considered a landmark of Itaewon .

Citizens who came to pay tribute lined up near Exit 1 of Itaewon Station, close to the site of the disaster. It is reported that some citizens prayed in silence towards the alley. Police and civil servants were deployed throughout Itaewon. They did their best to manage the crowd. In some sections, there were more police than citizens.

Citizens continued to pay their respects all day at Seoul Plaza, where the incense burner was set up. Some citizens even left messages on the memorial wall next to the incense burner. On the 29th, the first anniversary of the disaster, events to commemorate the victims will be held throughout downtown Seoul.






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