Roller coaster at an amusement park in China… 8 people injured in collision with rear train

Eight people were injured in a roller coaster crash at an amusement park in China.

According to Chinese media such as China Central TV, the accident먹튀검증 occurred at ‘Happy Valley’, an amusement park in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China, around 6:27 pm on the 27th local time.

The roller coaster ‘Snowy Eagle’ train that was in operation suddenly slid backwards from the top and hit another train that was following it.

Eight passengers on the train were injured in this accident and were taken to the hospital. It was reported that there was no life-threatening condition.

Happy Valley announced that it will be closed on the 28th and 29th and conduct a comprehensive inspection of all rides in the amusement park while investigating the cause of the roller coaster accident.






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