Female body photos, obscene letters…Jung Myung-seok’s ‘second in command’ verdict with plenty of evidence of sexual crimes

Christian Gospel Mission ( JMS ) President Jung Myung-seok is on trial on charges of committing sexual crimes again upon his release from prison after serving time in prison for sexually assaulting believers.

JMS believers are continuing their protests, saying that judicial agencies are accusing Mr. Jeong of being a sex offender without evidence.

The first trial verdict of the accomplices obtained by YTN contained a lot of evidence to prove Jeong’s crime, including photos of important parts of the woman and obscene letters.

Reporter Yang Dong-hoon reports.

‘Comply with the trial of evidence and stop the trial of public opinion.’

JMS believers are continuing their protest, claiming that the judicial authorities are accusing President Myung-Seok Jung of being a sex offender without any evidence.

They protest that the recordings related to Mr. Jeong’s crime were fabricated and that the obscene expressions were merely depictions of menstrual phenomena.

Is this claim really true?

YTN obtained the entire 169-page first trial verdict against JMS ‘ second- in-command, Mr. Kim (stage name: Jeong Jo-eun).

The ruling contained a lot of key evidence, including letters in which Mr. Jeong made explicit sexual remarks to female believers in prison and cleverly edited photos of important parts of his body.

The prosecution explained that there were over 12,000 pieces of evidence selected and submitted from the investigation records.

There was already a lot of evidence proving that Mr. Jeong’s카지노사이트 sexual crimes were an open secret even within JMS .

According to the recorded file, the defendant said, “I felt strange because the question ‘Did you cum?’ was something he often said to me as well.”

It was said that it was not because Mr. Jeong could not overcome his sexual desires, and that although older believers would understand, younger believers might be shocked.

Traces of sexual misconduct are also evident in Mr. Jeong’s letter, in which he ordered conciliation after molesting the child of an American believer. The agreement written by

JMS with the sex crime victim was also submitted as evidence.

[Kim Do-hyung / Anti- JMS activist: JMS believers who claim there is no evidence , please ask the denomination to show you the full text of the ruling. We recommend that you read the list of evidence for yourself to see how much evidence is included in the decision.]

The trial on Mr. Jeong’s sex crime charges has been delayed for over four months due to repeated applications for recusal from the court and appeals to the higher court.

Victims of JMS sex crimes are appealing to the court to reach a speedy conclusion, saying they are suffering severe secondary damage while the trial is delayed.






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