Israeli troops enter Gaza Strip: “Rescue soldiers held hostage by Hamas”

Israel rescues hostages in ground battle in Gaza Strip

According to the Israeli media Times of Israel (TOI)토토사이트, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and the Israeli intelligence agency Shin Bet announced in a joint statement that they rescued Israeli soldier Ori Megidish through a ground operation in the Gaza Strip. This appears to be the first time that Israel has directly rescued hostages from Hamas.

Megidish, a woman, was reportedly kidnapped by Hamas members while working as an observer at Nahal Oz Kibbutz (collective farm) in southern Israel on the 7th. The Israeli government said that Maggie Dish had already met her family and that she was in good health. However, no specific information was disclosed about how the Megidish rescue operation unfolded.

Israel made it clear that it would continue to carry out related operations as it succeeded in rescuing the hostages through ground warfare. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu thanked Private Megidish and the troops who rescued him, saying, “This achievement is an expression of our promise to bring back all the hostages. We will continue to pursue you (Hamas) when you fall.” “I will hit you to the limit,” he warned. “The rescue of a soldier captured by Hamas shows the benefits of the ground operation in Gaza,” said Defense Minister Yoav Galland .

Hamas releases hostage video to pressure Israel

Meanwhile, Hamas launched a propaganda campaign using female hostages on the same day. Hamas released a video on its broadcast channel in which three women urged Prime Minister Netanyahu to ‘agree to negotiate the release of the hostages.’ TOI diagnosed that Hamas was carrying out psychological warfare to divide and provoke Israel as the Israeli army’s ground war intensified. Prime Minister Netanyahu criticized it as “a cruel psychological propaganda war by Hamas Islamic State (IS).” He called each woman in the video by name and emphasized, “I will bring them all home.”






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