“I’ve been running for over a thousand minutes in a month and a half”…The national team is also “emergency” due to Kim Min-jae’s overwork

‘Monster defender’ Kim Min-jae has been on a roll since joining Bayern Munich. He’s played more than 1,000 minutes in the last month and a half, which is a concern for the national soccer team.레모나토토

Kim Min-jae delighted soccer fans with his solid defense and goal-scoring performance in the A match in October.

However, with the controversy surrounding his hard work in the club and national team, Kim has found the attention to be a burden.

“I’ve said it before, I’d rather play a lot and suffer than not play at all and suffer.”

After returning to Germany from the Vietnam War, the rest was short-lived.

He played a league match in four days, then a full-time one, and recently played a murderous schedule that included a cup tie against a third-division team every four days.

In the month and a half since the A-Match in September, he’s played over 1000 minutes in 12 games, 11 of them full-time.

Add to that the injury departures of Munich center back Upamecano and then Dürricht, and Kim’s shoulders became even heavier.

Uri Klinsmann’s woes deepened as well.

South Korea play their first World Cup Asian qualifier against Singapore in Seoul on November 16, before traveling to China.

The ‘harsh label’ on Kim Min-jae, who is ‘irreplaceable’ for Munich and the national team, is likely to continue.






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